WSOP: Polk and Ivey Cause Some Action in Epic $25,000 Heads-Up Event

WSOP: Polk and Ivey Cause Some Action in Epic $25,...

This Friday, the first two rounds of the Event #8 $25-000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em Tournament are over, so only 16 players will return to the tables this Friday to watch on Saturday Winning the money game and competing for the title will earn $507,020. For many players, this event is where talent is most needed to win, so having a field with two outstanding players is a luxury: Phil Ivey and Doug Polk > .

Entries are capped at 64, and for the first time in years, the tournament has easily reached that goal. In fact, there was a backup line earlier in the day as many of the big names sat courtside hoping to snag a seat.

When the lottery was drawn earlier in the tournament, it was the first head-to-head knockout match that pitted legend John Smith against one of the greatest players of all time Phil Ivey , finally making an appearance at WSOP 2023, which promises to be his first of many events. Not surprisingly, the matchup was the last of the first round to end with Smith winning, much to the delight of his family and friends at the rail.

VIDEO | Ivey returns to the WSOP.

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Although the heads-up match lasted over four hours, Chance Kornuth quickly defeated his top two opponents, Jeremiah Williams > and strong>Kyle Sullivan, knocking out two before Smith could complete a heads-up duel. Knuth faces off against Landon Theis in a money fight this Saturday, and it’s a tall order. Unfortunately for Smith, he lost to Chris Brewer in the second round.

Some other notable encounters include Sean Winter defeating 2022 WSOP Main event champion Espen Jorstad, while Winter also defeated Aleksejs Ponakovs and will face Kevin Rabichow in Saturday’s round of 16.

Daniel Negreanu attracts a lot of spectators following his duels.

The heads-up expert returns to the WSOP tables for what he believes should be called the “Doug Invitational” because it’s dedicated to him, and he’s been making Doug Polk for the past few months , he made waves in the poker world and is now back at the World Series doing what he does best: poker. Polk passed the first two rounds with ease and will face Reiji Kono in the third round tomorrow.

Another player with a large audience was Daniel Negreanu who defeated Binon in the first round and lost to Roberto Perez in the second round. The final match of the day was won by Jonathan Jaffe and four-time bracelet winner Anthony Zinno to advance to the third round.

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16 players are still participating

, only eight players can make money, so this Saturday’s round of 16 will also break the bubble. Each finalist will receive at least one micro-cash


, while the semifinalists will receive


and the runner-up will receive


Safety. The winner will receive


and a gold WSOP bracelet.

Saturday’s Round of 16 begins at 12:00 noon local time, the quarter-finals begin at 5:00 pm and the final will be covered live on PokerGO on Sunday.

$25,000 Heads-Up Tournament Table

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WSOP: Polk and Ivey Cause Some Action in Epic $25,...

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