WSOP: Mojave and Allenstein Advance to Events #06 and #07

WSOP The third day of the tournament takes place this Thursday (01), with many Brazilians vying for the bracelets distributed in the World Series. In events #06 and #07, Brazil managed to draw some players into day two.

One of them is GGPoker Ambassador Felipe Mojave, Event #06, $5,000 Mixed No-Limit Hold’em, winning / PLO, an event João Simão will win in 2022. He was the only Brazilian representative to survive a field of 548 out of a field of 48. Mojave has 70,000 in chips.

Fernando Habegger, “JNandez”, is in charge of the online tournament. He won 1,625,000 chips. Players have reached the minimum ITM of $10,000 and the tournament kicks off at 4:00 PM ET.

Event #07, $1,500 Limit Hold’em Team Brazil will be represented on Day 2 by Jose Arenstein only. The number of applicants for this competition is 527, and 169 players have advanced. The Brazilian is 63rd in chips with 85,000. Play resumes at 5:00pm ET with blinds of 2,000/4,000 and limits of 4,000/8,000.

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  • This text provides an update on the progress of Brazilian players at the WSOP tournament, mentioning specific players and their chip counts. It also mentions the number of applicants and advancing players in each event.

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    This text provides information about the third day of the WSOP tournament and the performance of Brazilian players. It mentions specific players and their chip counts in different events, highlighting their progress and chances of winning bracelets.

  • This text provides updates on the WSOP tournament, specifically mentioning the participation of Brazilian players and their progress in various events. It highlights the achievements of Felipe Mojave and Jose Arenstein, who have qualified for Day 2 in their respective events.

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