WSOP: Alexandre Vuilleumier Wins Event #02 for $25,000

WSOP The first high-stakes tournament of the 2023 Championship saw the winner on Thursday night (01:00). The second bracelet awarded in the series came in Event #02 ($25,000 High Roller Six Hands), which saw Switzerland’s Alexandre Vuilleumier take home the final glory.

As a chess player, the champion wrote a beautiful chapter in his history a little over a year ago when he entered a poker tournament and defeated 207 entrants. “Of course, the WSOP is great. Winning a bracelet is definitely the pinnacle of a poker career,” said champion Alexandre Vuilleumier, who also won $1,215,864.

During the tournament he had to face some of the biggest names in world poker such as Daniel Negreanu, Adrian Mateos, Andrew Lichtenberger, Jack Sim De, Elior Sion, Chris Moore, Joy Weissman, Ren Lin, Axel Halley and Sean Winter. However, Chance Kornuth was his last stone.

He always had a lot of leverage throughout the decision-making process and was very focused against a very strong Kornuth. On the one hand, he won the pot on a Q7526 board with two pair of Q6s beating Chance’s T5s, who were very short stacked.

The confrontation between the two continued for a few more hands as Chance moved all-in with K3 after Alexandre busted out with AQ in the small blind. The Swiss paid the bill and won the race straight away aboard JT89J.

“I’m not going to say this with arrogance, but for me, it was definitely a year of my career. That’s who I am. I’m very happy with what happened. I’m not one of the best players. Like in chess, you have to be here for many years. I’m really growing and looking forward to being a part of these tournaments. I start racing in January 2022, so I won’t make any hasty judgments. ’ concluded the champion.

Check out Event #02 finalists’ prizes:

1. Location – Alexandre Vuilleumier (Switzerland) – $1,215,864

2nd Place – Chance Kornuth (USA) – $751,463

3rd Place – Sean Winter (USA) – $518,016

4 – Axel Hallay (France) – $363,326

5 – Ren Lin (China) – $259,220

6 – Joey Weissman (USA) – $188,219

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