With Winamax Sunday Surprise, All WSOP Mini Bracelets Are Within Reach

Next The Winamax Sunday Surprise award is one of those awards that hides its value behind the tenacity and skill of the winner.

Next Sunday’s surprise match will be held in the form of Mystery KO at 8:30 on Sunday evening. The form of the game is Mystery KO , the winner will receive free entry to all Minis WSOP – tournaments held from the moment he wins.

Mini WSOP is a festival that recreates the WSOP 2023 program in detail, changing only a few other formats – prize money in tournaments divided by 100 or more – to match the usual lobby Bonuses and current regulations.

In addition to the freerolls during the festival, the lucky winner of first place will receive a guaranteed tournament prize of €100,000.

Gift Details:

It is always a special occasion for millers, and Surprise managed to deliver an unrivaled Sunday night The schedule is combined with the ability to play daily matches of their best tournaments for a ridiculous price of 0 euros. From there, it’s impossible. Well, you know Surprise has satellites for 1 and 2 euros, right?

Lucky bracelet.

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