Winamax terminates contract with Team Pro Mehdi Chaoui with immediate effect

Winamax terminates contract with Team Pro Mehdi Ch...

Winamax Team Pro faced one of its busiest months on the track in the second half of the year, but a last-minute incident occurred.

Room Decision A withdrawal patch for Moroccan player Mehdi Chaoui, who signed in April as one of the biggest rising stars in French and European poker.

In an official statement from the room, they made the decision. Apparently, the situation had nothing to do with the player’s human qualities or his poker skills, which are both remarkable. The young genius’s crime was to ruin one of those promotions where the people in the room were more confident and he was made ambassador precisely because Mehdi quickly rose through the ranks on the team.

Team Pro Experience is designed to replace Top Shark Academy with the goal of making Team Pro more accessible to the Winamax customer base.

The Academy prevents individual players from joining Team Winamax for an entire year, and the mechanics of application and subsequent competition severely limit the profile of players who ultimately have the opportunity to join Team A.

The new design is more flexible and gives candidates more leeway. This is a promotion focused on a single festival, with the winner receiving similar treatment as opposed to being part of Team Winamax as a permanent member, albeit for the duration of a single festival. In addition, the entry form has been simplified to the greatest extent, and any player can participate in the open qualifying competition.

The Pro Experience team made its debut in France last weekThe prize package includes travel, accommodation and event transfers provided by Winamax, coaching from team leader Stephane Matheu, strategic coaching from team professionals, Dinner with the team, €5,300 entry fee to EPT Paris, etc. Subsequently, Team-Pros received messages throughout the tournament from within the player support team and from the official room blog.

The qualification system for the test is called Challenge Survivor and must be set out as follows:

On Monday 20 November, four 5 games are scheduled Euro buy-in tournaments, two of which are held at 9pm (8 Max and 6 Max) and two at 10pm (4 Max and 6 Max). Anyone who wants to participate must register for at least one of these tournaments on the 20th.

The purpose of these tournaments is to achieve a better ranking than Team Pro, which is named “Team Pro”. Sponsors. Advertisement. Once you have done this, you will be given a personal password that you can use to log in to the next day of the tournament. The cycle continues until Saturday, November 25th. The number of participants should gradually but significantly increase each day. The survivors of Saturday’s tournament will be Invitations are given to the finals on the 27th, where for those who advance to several qualifying rounds, the chips will be doubled, tripled or quadrupled, and the first prize will be awarded in the finals. Team Pro Experience, EPT Paris.

Winamax relies on Mehdi Chaoui as the benchmark against which judges and candidates measure themselves. His role is crucial as he must compete in all tournaments and his eliminations determine who does or does not qualify.

He even won the tournament “after two glorious first nights,” according to Club Poker. The manager became “increasingly dismissive: at first he participated in a series of quick eliminations, then he simply didn’t bother to sign up for the tournament.”

This behavior was frustrating for participants who tried it” These repeated outages have severely impacted the gaming experience for all Team Pro Experience participants, many of whom have expressed their concerns on social media and forums and reported their claims to our customer service.”

Of course, the Winamax team overseeing the campaign was aware of the situation from the beginning and, as the statement makes clear, tried to change the direction of the stubborn Team Pro.

“During this operation, we repeatedly observed a lack of commitment and performance from the Team Winamax member selected as ambassador for the operation, even after being reminded of his responsibilities.”

The consequences have been stated.

Chaui is no longer part of Winamax Team Pro.

“These events have forced us to make a difficult decision But the decision was inevitable. As of today, Mehdi Chaoui is no longer part of the Winamax team.

We know the consequences of this decision. We don’t take this lightly. However, we believe this is in line with Winamax’s respect for its player community and the values ​​of excellence and example that the team stands for.

Although our relationship has ended, we wish Mehdi the best for the remainder of his career: this unfortunate incident in no way diminishes our appreciation for his talent and human qualities as a poker player. ”

Winamax terminates contract with Team Pro Mehdi Ch...

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  • Keebler.ansley

    Overall, this text provides an overview of an incident involving a professional poker player, Mehdi Chaoui, who was withdrawn from the Winamax Team Pro. The text explains that the decision was made due to Chaoui’s behavior, which disrupted a promotional event. The new promotion, called Team Pro Experience, aims to make the team more accessible to customers and replace the Top Shark Academy. The text discusses the qualification system for the promotion and emphasizes Chaoui’s importance as a benchmark for judging other participants. It also mentions that Chaoui’s behavior, including not signing up for tournaments, frustrated other participants and affected their gaming experience.

  • Based on the text provided, it seems that the Winamax Team Pro faced a last-minute withdrawal from one of its star players, Mehdi Chaoui. This withdrawal seems to have affected a promotional campaign called Team Pro Experience, where players have the opportunity to join Team Winamax for a single festival. It is mentioned that Mehdi Chaoui’s elimination from tournaments determines who qualifies for the finals. However, Chaoui’s behavior of not participating in the tournaments and the subsequent impact on the gaming experience for other players has caused frustration among participants. They have expressed their concerns on social media and forums, as well as reported their claims to customer service.

    Overall, the text provides a detailed account of the incident involving Mehdi Chaoui and the impact it had on the Team Pro Experience campaign. It highlights the disappointment and frustration felt by other participants due to Chaoui’s lack of commitment and performance.

  • Marilyne.fadel

    Overall, this text discusses the withdrawal of Mehdi Chaoui from the Winamax Team Pro and the impact it had on the Team Pro Experience promotion. It highlights that Mehdi Chaoui was considered a rising star in the poker world and his removal from the team was not due to his skills or qualities. The text mentions the new design of the Team Pro Experience promotion and how it aims to make Team Pro more accessible to the Winamax customer base.

    The text then goes on to explain the qualification system for the promotion, called Challenge Survivor, and how participants need to achieve a better ranking than Team Pro to qualify. It mentions that Mehdi Chaoui’s role is crucial in determining who qualifies for the finals.

    However, the text highlights Mehdi Chaoui’s disappointing behavior during the promotion. It states that he participated in quick eliminations at first but eventually stopped signing up for the tournament altogether. This frustrated participants and impacted the gaming experience. Many participants expressed their concerns on social media and forums and reported their claims to customer service.

    Overall, the text paints a negative picture of Mehdi Chaoui’s behavior and the impact it had on the Team Pro Experience promotion.

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