Pedro Madeira Finishes 2nd in WSOP Summer Circuit $250 Sunday Summer Classic

Pedro Madeira Finishes 2nd in WSOP Summer Circuit...

The Brazilian had some good results yesterday at the GGPoker table on the 30th. Pedro Madeira came within a hand of winning the WSOP Circuit $250 Sunday Summer Classic for $27,239. Just before that, “i Want wasabi” lost five lots for $11,486. 1,160 entrants participated in the tournament.

Grinder “Patrick Leopard” took bronze and added $62,671 to his bankroll in the GGMasters High Rollers $1,050 competition.

CachorroDoArt also appears on this site. In the GGMasters $150, he finished fourth out of 3,919 entrants, a feat that earned him $25,735.

At the $215 Bounty Hunters Sunday Block Party, “1GLASSOFWHINE” exited heads-up for a $21,047 home win.

For the $250 Sunday Saver Hyper Turbo, the verdict is green and yellow. Pedro Padilha (first place), “TorukMaktuson” (second place) and “TooMuch4U” (third place) won $20,327, $14,774 and $10,739 respectively.

Pedro Madeira Finishes 2nd in WSOP Summer Circuit...


  • It seems that the Brazilian player, Pedro Madeira, had a successful day at the GGPoker table, coming close to winning a significant amount in the WSOP tournament. Other players, such as Patrick Leopard and CachorroDoArt, also achieved impressive results in different competitions, earning substantial sums of money.

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