Patrick Leonard breaks Dan Zack’s AA on 95% flop hit

star Mark Patrick Leonard has arrived in Las Vegas and told a sad story in his first game. He lost in Event #06 ($5,000 Mixed Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold’em), which featured a track in each mode. There are two different versions of Knockout: a sad version and a funny version.

On the other side of the story is current WSOP Player of the Year winner, American Dan Zack. He began his tweet by saying: “I was sitting at a fun table with cushions when he hit the button with 11BBs. This game was NLH and Zack looked at JTo and decided to go all out Going out to put the pressure on the Brits.

“He asked about the count and thought about it for a few seconds before paying,” Dan continued. Then Leonard decided to call and put AA on the table. Dan explained that the flip The card was A83 Rainbow, so there was no flush question. In other words, Leonard took the lead 95.15% of the time. However, the American ended the tweet with: “Patrick, good luck in limit hold’em .

Zack found a miracle at turn 7, rivering the T for a straight and turning the race into a great one. Crazy round and wishing his friend the best of luck next time Good luck with the WSOP adventure. Leonard recounted the move on Instagram, calling the runner “disgusting.” He also retweeted Zach’s post and pleaded: “Get me out of here. stop!

Dan Zack loves bad results

Check out the tweet:

Take me out of this damn place

— Patrick Leonard 🫡 (@padspoker) June 2, 2023

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