New Carrasco Super High Roller Coming Soon With $200,000 Warranty

New Carrasco Super High Roller Coming Soon With $2...

The Super High Roller organized by LLFB Eventos returns in just over a month after the huge success of the lastreturns to>Casino Carrasco and will once again give away thousands of dollars at the posh Montevideo venue that has established itself as the most attractive attraction in South American poker and one of the funniest locations.

September 7-9 is the Carrasco Super High Roller, a $2,000 buy-in, $200,000 guaranteed prize Tournament, there will be plenty of action as the region’s top prospects compete over three days, with Second and Last ChanceCompetition.

The Carrasco High Roller starts at 15:00 on Thursday, July 9, and players who pay the $2,000 buy-in will start with 100,000 chips and face 40 minute levels.

It will then continue again on Friday 09/09 at 15:00 and the final day will begin on Saturday 09/09 at 14:00>. Meanwhile, there is a re-entry fee of $1,000 and registration is open until level 20 on the final day of competition.

Meanwhile, Second Chance will begin Friday the 8th at 9:00pm with an entry fee of $300 and a Last ChanceWill be held on Saturday, September 9th at 7:00pm with $500 in prize money. At Carrasco Casino, no one is locked out of the poker table.

New Carrasco Super High Roller Coming Soon With $2...


  • This text is promoting the upcoming Super High Roller poker tournament at Casino Carrasco in Montevideo, highlighting the success and attractions of the venue. It provides details about the buy-in, guaranteed prize, schedule, and additional competitions. It emphasizes the inclusivity of the event, stating that everyone is welcome to participate.

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