Landon Tice falls to 9th after heavy loss at SCOOP ME High FT

Lan Deng Tice has gained a lot of fame in recent years, but because he lives in the United States, he has never appeared as a player on the online pages of major websites such as GGPoker and PokerStars. However, the young phenom showed up at SCOOP wearing the Canadian flag and made the final table of the $10,300 High Stakes Main Event.

Tice reveals himself as the owner of the “AnyExtras” account and has a chance to win a million dollars in the big decision. He faces Brazilians Felipe Boyanovski and Paul Brobim in the FT, but has a short story to tell. The American was the first to be eliminated after failing all-in pre-flop.

“AnyExtras” made a small MP raise and saw Russian “hello_totti” Arsenii Malinov 3-bet 5.5 The big blind kidnaps. The game got heated when “DingeBrinker” 4-bet to 9BBs at the cutoff. Tice was at work again, and the Americans had no doubts about how to conduct AA combat. He shoved all-in for 24.2 big blinds and played the bomb for his opponent.

Malinov decided to fold but “DingeBrinker” was all-in. After thinking for a few seconds, he called with 9.5 blinds more. At showdown, the Estonian found himself in a bad position with QQ, but found what he needed on the flop of Q4K. The turn and river of Tice were unsuccessful and he was eliminated in 9th for $100,011.

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9. 100k in 10k SCOOP Main

I bet 5, blocked AA (not A5) and lost…would rather have A5 😜

WSOP next!

— Landon (@LandonTice) May 31, 2023

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  • This text discusses the online poker player Lan Deng Tice, who gained fame but has not appeared on major websites like GGPoker and PokerStars due to living in the United States. Tice participated in a high stakes tournament where he was eliminated in 9th place, sharing his disappointment on Twitter.

  • This text discusses Lan Deng Tice’s appearance at the SCOOP event where he made the final table but was ultimately eliminated in 9th place. Despite gaining fame, Tice has never appeared as a player on major online poker websites due to his residence in the United States.

  • This text discusses the rise of Lan Deng Tice in the poker world and his appearance at the SCOOP tournament. Despite his potential to win a million dollars, Tice faced an early elimination due to a bad hand, resulting in him being ninth place.

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