Kun Agüero: Poker and casino vibes celebrated

Kun Agüero: Poker and casino vibes celebrated

Sergio Aguero is a figure beyond the footballing environment. Especially since he was diagnosed with heart disease and had to give up high-level sports. From the moment he tearfully announced his retirement at the Barcelona game, Kun has moved on to other activities.

He mainly entered the field of e-sports, and founded the KRU team, and even participated in international competitions. In the same environment, he showed himself as a Fortnite player on stream because he loves Twitch.

Now, at least judging by the images, Kun Agüero can come to the environment Maps and Betting as the former Independiente, Argentina international and Manchester City host a special game this Friday celebrated his 35th birthday with a party.

Intimate dinner with Kun and his girlfriend.

The organizer and special protagonist is Sofia Calzetti, with whom Kun has been in a relationship since 2019. “Happy birthday my love,” the young woman wrote on her social media, along with a photo of her on the yacht. Dinner has candles, sun, sea and… a special themed show of two playing cards, a good pre-flop flirt hand (Q Q Q) and a roulette wheel (its placed as if it were the same). A cake, but the candle was missing, it actually looked like a fridge) and chips. Cigars dotted the scene…

Of course, the photo caused a stir among Kun’s fans, who posted it to Instagram and made dozens of comments.

Anything new? Does Kun have anything to do with poker? Maybe. Let us remember that the ex-footballer is no stranger to the world of poker, as he is involved in the organization of Enjoy Poker KRU, a tournament with a guaranteed prize of $200,000 in Punta del Este, where the Argentine is already Played Casino Festival.

So stay tuned and celebrate with him by the way. Happy birthday Kun!

Kun Agüero: Poker and casino vibes celebrated

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