KSOP South America: Federico Rumpfenegger takes over Daily Turbo

KSOP South America: Federico Rumpfenegger takes ov...

KSOP GGPoker South America will be held at the Rio Centro Convention Center in Barra da Tijuca,Rio de Janeiro Played. The promotion has been going on for many days and there are many prizes. This time it was the turn of Federico Rumpfenegger, a 70-year-old Uruguayan player who was delighted to win the Daily Turbo event.

A total of 87 players registered for the tournament and paid a buy-in of RS$500. After a full day of competition, Stützenegger emerged victorious and received a prize of14,500 rupees. To do this, he had to leave behind some of the biggest names in Brazilian poker, such as Marcus Souza, Bruno Matsugama and Giovanni Freitas.

Champion and runner-up with trophies.

Lempfinger told local media how he felt during the tournament: “It felt really good. I rarely win tournaments, but this was very good. A really good tournament, and the table. Go head-to-head with them.” Kind was unbelievable. I’m 70 years old and that’s why I do shorter races. “

When asked how he felt about the game after being crowned champion, Rumpfenegger very politely expressed his joy at being in such friendly circumstances. Play: “It’s a great place to be. If you lose the game, you can go to the beach and swim. Another thing I noticed is that the air conditioning is very good. I’ve been here for 10 days and haven’t gotten sick. “I’ve been to several places to play, and it’s great here.” The champion explained happily.

KSOP South America: Federico Rumpfenegger takes ov...


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    The text describes a poker tournament in Rio de Janeiro where a 70-year-old Uruguayan player, Federico Rumpfenegger, emerged victorious. He expressed his joy at the friendly atmosphere and good air conditioning at the venue, highlighting the positive experience he had during the tournament.

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