BSOP Brasilia: Jefferson Zaminhan in search of one-day high rollers

BSOP Brasilia: Jeferson Zaminhan Beats Marcelo Gio...

BSOP Brasília kicks off with one of the most popular tournaments on the program: the One Day High Roller. In front of an audience of famous players, the trophy fell to an amateur athlete who rarely missed a tour stage. The party came to Jeferson Zaminhan after he beat Sao Paulo’s Marcelo Giordano heads-up.

Pará, as he is known in the industry, did not allow 76 players to participate in the 5,000 reais tournament – down in the tournament. The prize money for this achievement is R$ 88,400. The result earned the amateur his fourth BSOP title. He has a solid track record in expensive tournaments as this is his third high roller event.

Zaminhan won the BSOP Iguazu High Roller Championship in 2019, and won the highest career bonus two years later, with a bonus of $787,500 in Forever Huge Incredible jumps in the BSOP Millions High Roller. The fourth championship trophy of the round was awarded at the final table, underscoring the Pala native’s new form.

Names like Jorio Gottardo, Felipe Pantoja, Vinícius Barbosa, Moacir Caetano Filho and Ricardo Silva were left behind. The opponent in the heads-up match is Giordano, one of the biggest names in the Brazilian live scene.

Check out the prizes for the finalists:

1st place – Jeferson Zaminhan – R$88,400

2nd place – Marcelo Giordano – R$62,850

Third Place – Ricardo Silva – R$41,100

Fourth Place – Cleider Souzas – R$31,650

Fifth Names – Moacir Caetano Filho – R$ 25,100

6 – Vinícius Barbosa Alves – R$ 19,600

7 – Felipe Pantoja – R$ 15,450

8. Ranking – Jorio Gottardo – R$ 12,050

9th 2nd – Waldir Guerra – R$9,160

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  • This text provides a summary of the BSOP Brasília tournament, highlighting the victory of amateur athlete Jeferson Zaminhan in the One Day High Roller event. Zaminhan’s impressive track record and triumph against well-known players add to his success, earning him a fourth BSOP title.

  • This text highlights the success of amateur athlete Jeferson Zaminhan, who won the One Day High Roller tournament at BSOP Brasília. Zaminhan’s victory earned him his fourth BSOP title and a prize of R$88,400.

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    This text provides a summary of the BSOP Brasília tournament, highlighting an amateur athlete, Jeferson Zaminhan, who won the One Day High Roller event against well-known players. It mentions his previous achievements and the prizes awarded to the finalists.

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