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Daniel Weinman is the record winner of the 2023 Main Event

Daniel Weinman is the record winner of the 2023 Ma...

After two days of final tables, the 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event ended with victory for Daniel Weinman for a whopping $12,100,000 prize money as well as the prestigious gold medal and $500,000 diamond bracelet.

Tournament Day 10 began with just 3 players and Steven Jones started with the chip lead. But in the first hand of a three-max event, he lost a big pot with ace-queen to Adam Walton’s ace-king. A few hands later, two players went all-in preflop: Adam Walton with 8-8 and Daniel Weinman with A-A. The board read 7-5-3-9-K, and Adam placed third, earning $4,000,000.

Before heads-ups began, they pulled out luxury bracelets and a plethora of $12 bills $M Price above. Daniel started with 443 million and Steven had 159 million. Hand 164 of the final table decided the game, with both top pairs scoring points, but Daniel’s kick was the better. This is the decisive hand:

Daniel Weinman (@notontilt09) is your 2023 @WSOP Main Event winner.

In the final hand, both Weinman and Steven Jones turned up top pair, and when Jones called on the turn, Weinman called.

Weinman won $12,100,000 after winning the largest Main Event lineup ever.

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) July 17, 2023

Daniel Weinman becomes new world champion, wins 100 $12M and his second bracelet. He has been on the tour since 2010 and prior to this tournament, he had 69 cash cashes at the World Series of Poker. The victory netted him $15.8 million in live tournament earnings.

Champion Quote: “It doesn’t feel real to win this Main Event. There’s a lot of luck in poker tournaments.” I thought I played pretty well, but there were a few hands where I got really lucky . He added, “A final table can do a lot of things. different way. You need a few cards to get chips, and there are still plenty of good players out there who have more tournament experience than me. But when we got to the three, I felt like I was the best player of the three. With a few good hands at the right time, it all comes together. ”

Daniel has been supported along the way by such well-known pros as Josh Arieh, Shaun Deeb and JasonMercier, in total Won 18 bracelets. He said he and Josh have been friends for 15 years and met Shaun at the final table 11 years ago.

Daniel Weinman celebrates with friends and family.

Final table results :

  1. Daniel Weinman: $12,100,000 + bracelet
  2. Steven Jones: $6,500,000
  3. Adam Walton: $4,000.000
  4. Jan-Peter Jachtmann – $3,000,000
  5. Ruslan Prydryk – $2,400,000
  6. Dean Hutchinson – $1,850,000
  7. Toby Lewis – $1,425,000
  8. Juan Maceiras – $1,125,000
  9. Daniel Holzner – $900,000

The highest ranked Latino isCarlos Silva finished 34th and won $280,100. The best Argentinian was EzequielLebed who finished 141st and won $280,100. $67,700. The furthest woman was Estelle Cohuet 🇫🇷 who eliminated in 68th place to earn $130,300.

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That $12,100,000 feel.

— PokerGO (@PokerGO) July 18, 2023


Daniel Weinman is the record winner of the 2023 Ma...

The historic main event has an equally epic bubble

The historic main event has an equally epic bubble

The bubble of the world’s top tournament WSOP Main Event 2023 burst on Monday on the fourth day, with epic scenes leaving viewers hanging in the balance. Three players are in danger of being eliminated, all sitting at separate tables, hoping not to be left in the least desirable seat.

Jeppe Bisgaard is officially on the bubble for this Main Event.

With 1,508 players left, the game continued and the heads-up match reached its climax, three players from different tables were eliminated at the same time

First The first bust was Jeppe Bisgaard, who hit K K against Jonathan McCann’s A A A for 250,000 in chips. The board came 7 2 6 J J J and he was eliminated.

Second by Eliminated was Yueqi Wang, who succumbed to the poker of Mikiya Kudo.

In the third Peter Nigh flipped AK against the Q Q of Eric Fields who moved all-in for 150,000. Board kicked off with J 9 6, but 5 and 6 call him out

@WSOP Main Event bubble burst!

Aces vs. Kings is a cool way to bubble!

Catch all the action on @PokerGO!

— PokerNews (@PokerNews) July 10, 2023

Then three eliminated players do a flip to decide who will take part Whoever is the seat winner in the 2024 Main Event will collect small cash that is split into three $10,000 instead of two $10,000 so that everyone gets something. In the end, Jeppe won the flop and took home a $10,000 seat and $10,000 for next year’s WSOP, while Yuequi and Peter took home $10,000 from a field of 1,507. and 1,506. There is a place. This is the second year in a row that a three-man playoff is required to decide the bubble.

“Obviously, it feels great to earn a seat in the Main Event,” Bisgaard said, revealing that it was in the transport department. “It’s no fun being left behind as a bubble, but the situation I find myself in is unavoidable. Plus, I know there’s always an empty space in a bubble, which might motivate me to start accumulating tokens. I’m doing this Do.” I feel good.

Bisgaard will be entering the Main Event for free next year. This is his third time in the world’s most prestigious poker tournament. In his last appearance, he left early. “It is An improvement,” joked the 2023 WSOP Main Event bubbler.

The historic main event has an equally epic bubble

GGPoker CCP: Fábio Nóbrega is the CL of EGM Day 1A

Current champion Fábio Nóbrega puts in a solid per...

This Thursday (06), the CCP by GGPoker main event kicked off. Many players used the buy-in fee of R$ 350 on the first day of the A game to compete for the ranking. In total, 81 players advanced, and 11 players earned their seats in the competition.

It is worth noting that the guaranteed prize pool for this contest is half, or R$ 50,000. Leading the way on Day 1A is player Fábio Nóbrega with a respectable stack of 279,000 chips. He won the second stage and became the champion of this tournament. Felipe Cebola came in second with 265,000.

Patrick Ferreira (254,000), Pablo de Sá (232,000), Carlos Araújo (188,000), Diego Jimmy (178,000), Arthur Holder (163,000) and Geilson Medeiros (150,000) are also eligible. ), Carlos Bezerra (150,000), Davisson Cruz (84,000) and Cidenor Neto (82,000).

The competition will feature four more qualifiers until the final on Sunday (09) at 4pm. The qualifiers will return with 3,000/6,000 blinds. The amount raised is already close to half of the deposit, so it can be seen that CCP’s main event is a real explosion.

Current champion Fábio Nóbrega puts in a solid per...

GGPoker Brazil has announced a partnership with Léo “ziGueira”.

GGPoker Brazil has announced a partnership with Lé...

Another big name in esports has decided to switch to poker. This week, GGPoker announced Léo “ziGueira” Duarte as its new streamer. The world’s largest website also announced on its social media that it will host a commemorative freeroll.

Léo “ziGueira” is a former Rainbow Six: Siege (R6) professional player, and he made his point this way: won two Brazilian championships, one world championship (professional League Season 7 – Final) and a World Vice Championship title (Pro League Year 2 Season 1 – Final).

He has always had a penchant for competition and is focused on competing at a high level. At GGPoker, challenges are no exception. Léo “zi Gueira” promises to make life difficult for his opponents at the table.

“ziGueira” is currently a streamer on Twitch and a content creator on YouTube, one of the pioneers in content creation around the FPS (First Person Shooter) theme. On his Twitch channel, the streamer has nearly 733,000 followers, while on YouTube he has 1.14 million subscribers.

Today, a freeroll celebrating the arrival of Léo “ziGueira” on GGPoker will be held on Friday the 14th at 17:00 with a guaranteed prize of $2,600. Additionally, Dowgh Santos from Team GG Brazil will also be in attendance. Both hosts are offering a $200 bounty.

GGPoker Brazil has announced a partnership with Lé...

GGPoker takes you to Las Vegas and also to London

GGPoker takes you to Las Vegas and also to London

GGPoker did well, drawing more than 600 players to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker Main Event, which begins July 3. After its huge success, Room hopes to do something similar with the WSOP Super Circuit in London.

The World Series of Poker returns to Big Ben with a £3,300 Main Event from July 27th to August 13th , $3 million guaranteed, but before that there is the Triton Super High Roller Series GGMillion $ buy-in of £21,200. These tournaments can be entered from the largest room in the world that has hosted a satellite.

The WSOP returns to the UK after ten years and you have the chance to win 15 WSOP Circuit rings at one of the events and your share of the £7 million prize pool.

GGMillion$ Live of the Triton Super High Roller Series will contribute tension. Compete for the GGMillion$ gold trophy and experience the best live poker games. They will also take part in the coronation of Ivan Leow’s Player of the Year, adding further prestige.

Stay in the luxurious 5 star Grosvenor House JW Marriott Hotel in Mayfair and enjoy stunning views of the Hyde River Park. Discover the historic charm of London and feel the exciting atmosphere of these world famous tournaments.

GGPoker makes it possible again…

GGPoker takes you to Las Vegas and also to London

With Winamax Sunday Surprise, All WSOP Mini Bracelets Are Within Reach

Next The Winamax Sunday Surprise award is one of those awards that hides its value behind the tenacity and skill of the winner.

Next Sunday’s surprise match will be held in the form of Mystery KO at 8:30 on Sunday evening. The form of the game is Mystery KO , the winner will receive free entry to all Minis WSOP – tournaments held from the moment he wins.

Mini WSOP is a festival that recreates the WSOP 2023 program in detail, changing only a few other formats – prize money in tournaments divided by 100 or more – to match the usual lobby Bonuses and current regulations.

In addition to the freerolls during the festival, the lucky winner of first place will receive a guaranteed tournament prize of €100,000.

Gift Details:

It is always a special occasion for millers, and Surprise managed to deliver an unrivaled Sunday night The schedule is combined with the ability to play daily matches of their best tournaments for a ridiculous price of 0 euros. From there, it’s impossible. Well, you know Surprise has satellites for 1 and 2 euros, right?

Lucky bracelet.

Final Nine: A Review of the First Poker Comic

Last year saw the release of the first poker graphic novel, The Final Nine, by Anish Patel. This entertaining story features 9 people who will shape the world’s most important tournament in Las Vegas.

In this article you will learn more details about the book, our thoughts on it and you can read an interview with its author.

Comments ✍️

After reading hundreds of strategy books, biographies and poker fiction I got my first I got this comic book, And loved it from start to finish. I think there are many advantages to a digital book, but in this case it’s definitely a paper book because of the variety of colors and the large page sizes.

There are nine protagonists in the story:

  1. Bob Hootman 🤠: This is his fifth Main Event final table, he went from 70 Started competing in the ages. a legendary person.
  2. Levi Fallas: Has been a professional since the nineties. Want to win a bracelet like his brother.
  3. Sasha Marshall: Model and host who wants to be the first champion in history.
  4. Kien Jao : Professional player who lives and plays in Las Vegas.
  5. Andy Patchen: Amateur, living a dream with the fewest finalists.
  6. Morris Bishop: Turned from Wall Street job to New York’s top stacker.
  7. David Fox 🇨🇦: A Canadian who mainly plays games online and wants to make a leap in life.
  8. April Wentworth: Was a teacher and played poker for many years.
  9. Christoph Schulze 🇩🇪: The only European, the defending champion, wants to repeat his performance.

In each chapter we will have more Learn more about each character: how they got into poker, where they are currently, and what it means for them to be at the final table of the Las Vegas Main Event. All the characters are interesting and have something to say. My favorites are Bob Hootman (inspired by Doyle Brunson) and Morris Bishop, who has a complicated relationship with his father.

The action never faltered and the pages flew by for me until the long-awaited final table was set. This book combines two complementary elements: the fiction of the novel and the energy of the comics. I highly recommend reading it, and I think it should be read by anyone looking for good poker entertainment, especially those who like comics and poker.

Tech Sheet 📌

Related For more information on this book, please visit their website.

Interview with the author 👥

PKL: What motivated you to write this book?

Anish: There are many factors behind this book: a love of Las Vegas, comics, and Texas Hold’em. I’ve always loved reading about Las Vegas and all it has to offer: amazing hotels, amazing parties, world-class restaurants and, of course, gambling. It wasn’t until I first went there in 2008 that I realized there was so much more to this city than that. Around the same time I started playing Texas Hold’em with friends in private games and small poker rooms in London ;#917607;󠁿I enjoy every moment. During this time, I worked for a television company, hoping to one day get into the film business and possibly produce or direct my own ideas. I decided to start small and do a short film or something, so I wrote down a few ideas, one of which was about some kind of poker game. But I don’t want it to resemble the 1998 movie “The King of Gamblers”. I was watching the WSOP Main Event and its November 9th on TV when I decided to revise this idea.

WSOP programming covers the poker game as well as individual players at the table. At this point, the tournament organizers changed the format. After the final nine players were determined, there was a four-month hiatus, which ended in November and became known as the “November Nine”. It allows players to go home or continue playing poker at other tournaments and venues. This time also gives the players the opportunity to promote themselves (interviews, TV commercials, etc.) so that when they return to the finals, they will have followers and supporters.

The only problem I have is that this is a bigger idea than a short film, the other format I have in mind is a book but I don’t want to make A standard novel, I want to show the reader playing cards and the bright lights of Las Vegas. That’s when I thought, how cool would it be to do it in comic form. I checked online to see if anyone had published a manga like this, but there wasn’t. I was hoping to be the first.

PKL : How did you experience this process? Wouldn’t it be more complicated to have to draw all the edges?

Anish: At the beginning the process was not very clear, I didn’t know where to start I am very new to comics, I read a lot when I was young For comics, the basic genres are superheroes and British comics. So I started from scratch and learned how to make manga.I learned about publishers, literacy agencies, how to create manuscripts, and how to draw comics. By the way, I’m not an artist, but I’ve always been a creative person, so I found a guide to writing manga manuscripts. Once I’ve written the story, I can work with the right artist to create the book.

But it took a long time to get started, especially when it didn’t occur to me that if I pitched this idea to a publisher, they would invest in the production of the book , but I was a nobody and they rejected me. That would slow things down, and then I decided to raise some money and try to make two chapters. I found an artist to help me design the characters for the pages and make the comic pages. This all happened in 2011. When I was done, I got great feedback on these sites and then raised additional funds. I wanted to make more chapters, but unfortunately the artist couldn’t submit and I had to put the project on hold.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to start project kickoff again. At that point I had the funds to do the whole book, but I wanted to make sure I got the right artist to work on the whole project. I found an art team in Brazil to work with. This was the most enjoyable part of the whole project, with most of the manuscript done and the art team sending me sketches, inks and coloring pages in bulk. I have to go through it step by step and update it with the team. We work well together, they see the creativity of the pages I write and enjoy making them. It took them four years to complete this artwork, but it was worth the wait.

We understand, Sasha. This feeling will never be boring! #FinalNine #ComicBook #Poker

– Final 9 Comic (@final9comic) February 14, 2023

PKL: You presented the book at a festival in Malta. What kind of reaction did you get from players?

Anish: Malta was the second poker event where I presented the book, and before that I was at Comic Con in London It is shown above. That gave me the opportunity to give a presentation and how to reach out to people and explain what I’m doing here. At a festival like Malta’s it’s hard to grab players’ attention and explain poker stories in comic book form, but when they flipped through the book, they were blown away by the layout. Then when I mentioned that it took 14 years to make and that it was the first poker comic, they were definitely interested. I thought my target audience was poker players, but all sorts of people love it: dealers, casino managers, and the poker press. Many people supported the idea and bought my autographed book.

PKL: Do you play poker? Do you know Las Vegas? Which tournament do you dream of playing in one day?

Anish: I am a part-time player and I usually play home games or small buy-in tournaments with friends, but I’ve also been in games that have always wanted to play bigger and longer. The dream tournament I’ve always wanted to play in is the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas, which I’ll be playing this July. I hope the fictional story I tell you will come true.

PKL : Some of the characters are based on real players, I saw tributes to Stu Ungar, Doyle Brunson, Jack Straus and Amarillo Slim in the stands> Check it out. Are these your favorite players? Which of them do you think deserves their own comic book and their life?

Anish: All of these legends deserve their own comic books because they all started in different poker eras of. While I love the strategy they’re taking at the table, it’s the real-life stories that really get me excited. For example, Amarillo Slim is a professional pool player who sometimes plays with a broom.

Stu Ungar has a bit of a disturbing history, he was addicted to heavy drugs and women and had a nervous breakdown, but eventually he came back and Become the main event champion again. I don’t know much about Jack Strauss‘s personal life, but the story of how he won the 1982 Main Event “A Chip and a Chair” is a great one. He had a chip, and just when he thought he was out, the chip was found. He sat down, started his comeback, and eventually won the match.

And godfather Doyle Brunson personally led from the beginning and stayed strong until his final days. There are many stories to tell about Brunson, from his favorite starting hand 10-2 to his personal life. It’s hard to decide which of these players should have their own book, since they revolutionized the poker industry at some point in their lives.

PKL: Do you want to write something new? A story with the same or new characters?

Anish: I’m not thinking about any more poker comics at this point, but I certainly will if the right story comes out Generate more content. However, I hope comic readers and poker players will be inspired to write their own comic stories. It’s like the first superhero “Superman”: when people saw the idea come to fruition, they started creating their own version of a superhero. Maybe one day there will be a good set of poker and gambling cartoons on the market for everyone to enjoy.

PKL: Tell us why readers should read The Final Nine and put it in your poker library.

Anish: Also, this is the first full poker comic book story, that’s another story. As with many other poker stories, there is always a player at the center, and ultimately that player wins or loses the final hand. In the top nine competition, nine contestants compete with each other, and readers don’t know who will win in the end. It’s like a crime thriller where you don’t know who the killer is until the last few pages, but the story has backstory, twists, and connects the reader to the characters and the plot. Compared to gambling, how much ups and downs are sometimes involved in a hand in poker? That’s what readers get when they read The Final Nine.

WSOP 2023 Day 5: Polk and the deck knock Roberto Perez out of the 25K HU tournament

Roberto Perez

We are eliminated in the quarterfinals The Spaniard won the Heads Up Champion of the 2023 World Series of Poker for $25,000strong>.

Roberto Perez, final member of the Spanish trio, took part in two equally important and complex matches. The first to pit him against Isaac Kempton. Game two, if all goes according to plan, will be against big favorite Doug Polk.

The first step has to be against an up-and-coming pro who has performed well. Debuted and won on the WSOP Circuit in February 2020, and continued to attack on the interrupted circuit until the end of the epidemic. He was 23rd in GPI, but Roberto tied him with a three-pointer in the game’s most delicate moment, and he’s been much easier on the situation since then.

Calling “David, Davey…” after a short break, the replacement that everything predicted was Doug Polk. They were referring to Roberto’s nickname at the poker table, “Davy Jones,” which Polk must have heard before.

This time, no hand turned the game around at the right time. In fact, there is little support for Roberto, who has nothing to do with the biggest heads-up specialist of the past decade. Polk himself apologized to Roberto, who knew how tricky the game had become:

“He didn’t play a good hand the whole game. He made a good call, tried some Bravado, etc.” I got through. I don’t think what we’re seeing from him today is really a testament to his true skills.

Roberto was beaten in the blinds and tried to put up more resistance, 55 vs. AQ, five cards on the flop declared him the winner, until a wheel came on the river , much to Polk’s delight.

Min-Roberto gets cash for his first ITM at the 2023 WSOP$74,648. The semifinals are worth watching, Doug Polk and Chris Brewer face off in one game, Sean Winter is paired with WPT Barcelona Champion Chanracy Khun.

Although there are six or seven events in total, if you pass someone in the lobby, and there’s a good chance they’re playing in the Mystery $1,000 Million

WNBA star Kelsey Plum successfully shuffles and deals cards at the WSOP.

At the 54th annual World Series of Poker (WSOP), poker meets traditional sports as WNBA Las Vegas ace Kelsey Plum kicks off the so-called World Series of Poker Connections strengthen again Series of Poker opens the “Star Event”, the $1,000 Mystery Millions, one of the largest tournaments in history. In a thrilling crossover between two exciting worlds, Plum, known for his basketball excellence, performed the classic “Shuffle up and Deal” at the Horseshoe and Paris Courts in Las Vegas.

After a successful start to the WSOP, Plum took to the guest stage to reveal the coveted championship bracelets that players can win throughout the series. The record player, who helped the Las Vegas Aces win the 2022 WNBA title, once again marks the strong link between traditional sports and world-class poker. His presence created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation that boded well for what the WSOP promises to be the greatest event of all time.

VIDEO // WSOP pays tribute to Doyle Brunson

Plum, as presenter, expressed her gratitude and excitement for being part of this unprecedented event: “I am honored to be part of the world’s first Honoring the 2023 Poker Series” and presenting the legendary WSOP bracelet, one of the most prestigious trophies in sports. This competition occupies a special place in our city, and this year will undoubtedly create a new record and bring unparalleled glory to the champions. Let the cards fly and good luck to all players! ” The sports star’s presence at the WSOP Main Event underscores the event’s diversity and inclusive spirit, with players from all walks of life coming together to compete and enjoy this exciting competition hosts each mill The dream player.

The World Series of Poker is known for its iconic championship bracelet, designed by Jostens, and an elegant 10k yellow gold design that includes a prominent horseshoe, a set of red cards and More black stones, also engraved with the number and name of the event. Symbolizing excellence and the ultimate achievement in poker, this gem has now joined traditional sports thanks to Kelsey Plum’s participation in its presentation Tradition.

Video // Compiled from the work of Kelsey Plum

Patrick Leonard breaks Dan Zack’s AA on 95% flop hit

star Mark Patrick Leonard has arrived in Las Vegas and told a sad story in his first game. He lost in Event #06 ($5,000 Mixed Pot-Limit Omaha/No-Limit Hold’em), which featured a track in each mode. There are two different versions of Knockout: a sad version and a funny version.

On the other side of the story is current WSOP Player of the Year winner, American Dan Zack. He began his tweet by saying: “I was sitting at a fun table with cushions when he hit the button with 11BBs. This game was NLH and Zack looked at JTo and decided to go all out Going out to put the pressure on the Brits.

“He asked about the count and thought about it for a few seconds before paying,” Dan continued. Then Leonard decided to call and put AA on the table. Dan explained that the flip The card was A83 Rainbow, so there was no flush question. In other words, Leonard took the lead 95.15% of the time. However, the American ended the tweet with: “Patrick, good luck in limit hold’em .

Zack found a miracle at turn 7, rivering the T for a straight and turning the race into a great one. Crazy round and wishing his friend the best of luck next time Good luck with the WSOP adventure. Leonard recounted the move on Instagram, calling the runner “disgusting.” He also retweeted Zach’s post and pleaded: “Get me out of here. stop!

Dan Zack loves bad results

Check out the tweet:

Take me out of this damn place

— Patrick Leonard 🫡 (@padspoker) June 2, 2023

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